recent sketches

 Not all concepty, really. Some are illustrationy. I'm trying not to spend too much time on any of them though. They're all under 45 minutes I think. I'm going through a purple phase.

Comments and crits would be helpful. I think you may see more actual design stuff from me soon, who knows.
Also--nice work all around, everybody. And thank you, Donal for keeping this blog alive!



  1. Damn awesome for 45 minutes. Love the bottom one's environment, really want to explore it!

    The only thing I'm not too into is the middle one, something to do with how the pose is, yup my awesome crit...alright well back to work!

    During break I want to post at least once a week.

  2. yeah, I think the lady in the middle has a serious salamander thing goin on, hehe. Besides that, the colors are gorgeous, but they do follow your tried and true color schemes. Maybe while trying to push yourself out of your comfort zone with brushes, dabbling in some other colors that you dont often use might make that transition funner? Maybe some earth tones! or lots and lots of grey! hooray drab colors!

    The bottom guy is also very interesting, and is a good addition to your catalogue of quick environment passes that is always helpful to hold on to for later...