speed faces

some speed paintings, I should be working on animation but I became so disappointed by my attempts at cityscapes I did these to feel a little better :(
their not great but their (not so speedy) speed paintings If I add them together they equal about an hour each. they don't look it but i did put alot of effort into just cutting and pasting and tweaking this and that ,soooooo im gonna try to do one of these a day or at least two a week.


  1. Digging the attitude of these. I will say that watch out for the scribble marks. I think you can get away with them but only if you make them follow the form of the figure. These flesh tones look really nice against the cold grey background.

  2. thanks sketcheth! im hating that second girl though. every time I look at her I want to scrape off half her face and redo everything.... actually, i might just do that cause its kinda looking like i pulled one side her face over and stretched it like taffy >_>
    also, thanks for the scribble note! that might help the bodies look better, i'll try it with the second girl when i fix up her face.