haha..... im such a lump right now -_-

 heres some crap from today..... I barely got anything done with thesis stuff.... so heres a pointless crap doodle cause I told someone that i'd post something -_-


  1. This is an awesome color experiment! I admire your fortitude! I think the foreshortening on the left arm is a little extreme I think, she kinda looks like she has a shrimpy arm. I think you should try to do a self portrait digital painting to study facial structure. From this angle, the bridge of her nose would cover up part of her far eye and besides that I think I question their structure. Even doing a closeup study of your own eye could help give you an understanding of how round they actually are!
    Nice work!

  2. haha, thanks for the compliment on my courageous color palette! and your right I didnt realize it, but that arm is pretty dang tiny....hmmmmm..... i kinda want to make them actual shrimp now...maybe one day this week i can fix it.... maaaybe....

    also, I've been meaning to start doing digi portraits practices, so I think I'll use this flop as the push to actually get started with it. thanks for the critique sketcheth!