ok, feeling so fresh and so clean clean

finally, feeling less like a lump and will actually post something....here is some more stuff regarding my thesis, and here is the synopsis.   :B

'A young girl and a monster are walking down the streets of a fictional city, no one seems to notice the monster, they come to a cross walk and discover another monster and boy pair across the street.  The kids whip out their game controllers (which you see are attatched to the monsters) and a bloody battle ensues with out any reason. After the long fight the monsters die and the kids walk off their own ways with out a care in the world.

sounds kinda silly when I type it ........ and I am by no means against video games.  but I needed some sort of easy reason for them to fight in the animation. 

 I think the fight scenes,the backgrounds and characters will hold my attention till the end of the year.

anyways, here, here, here looky, looky more craaaaaaaaaaaap 

top 2 are advertisements from moving billboards you'll see in the film.  im really trying to push the thought that the game these two are in is widely known,  im just having trouble coming up with a game name... maybe monster mash? eh? eh? cheesy enough?


  1. I like the idea, it's nice and simple and allows you to focus on what you want to animate.

    I'm curious though...do you need to have a name for the game? Could it just be a symbol? or do you need a name so that you have a name for the film as well?

  2. thanks! I think im going to have a lot of fun making it! :D actually I was thinking of just taking the name of the game for the film but now that you've brought it up, a symbol would be a much easier way of branding the game and would make the advertising aspect much more coherent for those watching it. Ingenious option stephen!

  3. I have them from time to time, I can't wait to see some animation from it