feeling like a sack. I will no longer tolerate this!

Alright, to prove that I'm not a slouch and also, to stop Alison's rampage of awesome, I'm going to post some shtuff.

Uh, also, it is worthy to note that I just checked some of our stats and we've got some like 1500 pageviews for this blog, which is quite an accomplishment, even if like 1200 of them are mine, since you guys post so much awesome stuff!
From humble beginnings, we shall triumph! Anywho, here's what I've been doing, not a lot, not a lot of really cool stuff either but some stuff, nevertheless. Some sketchies and then a final piece. Not totally polished, but relatively so. I showed it for critique, but like usual, the one thing that holds the digital paintings back is their scale. This guy only prints out at around 14"x11", and people want to be overwhelmed with this kind of image, which means like 54,000px wide at 300dpi. And that makes my computer sad. So maybe next time. Keep up the stellar work, everybody! Fluke, hopefully someday we can all see the drawings you're being paid to make! **golf claps for being a pro** Rock on.


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  1. pfffft... I'm not on a rampage of awesome, im on a quest for the holy grail of self improvement!!!!. I already mentioned the tree roots... oh! also im getting kind of an ominous feel from this tree, so what would happen if you brought the limb closest the the screen down and towards us a little? it might make it seem more aggresive and also draw the viewer in a little if you try that... maybe. but the colors look great and the lighting is fantastic!!