ok... so how can I make this piece more dynamic before I work it to death? :(
it just looks too busy.... and the composition is ..well kinda boring...


  1. Alison. You're making us all look so bad right now. I think I speak for all of us when I say we're sufficiently blown away.

    As for this composition, if it seems lacking dynamism it's because it's so symmetrical, even if there are subtle differences it feels mirrored. You just need to break up that symmetry to add some drama. Maybe there could be a tapestry drapery thing coming down on one side behind the throne or something.
    Also, question your lighting. It's very even and consistent, like the same bright yellow on both sides. What about throwing a big diagonal shadow across her so her upper half and part of the throne are in shadow? It could add to the mysterious quality you're cultivating here as well as throw a little dynamic asymmetry into the piece.

    You're nailing the colors, though. Beautiful work. Did you find yourself some new brushes recently? I noticed the texture-- very fresh and not overwhelming. Your hard work is definitely paying off because your designs read much much much more clearly now. You've got some impressive command over your medium! Rock on.

  2. I second that. I feel like a lazy ass. you better break a finger soon or something, or else your going to eclipse us. ;) As for the painting I spoke to you about it on the phone, so i wont go into most of it, but dont you touch that dress! It looks amazing.
    The overall tonal quality is good to I think, it just needs a little more color balancing and dynamic composition thrown in there and you got yo'self one hella cool piece.

    Oh, and sketcheth, I gave her my brush library before I left KC, she's just using them better than me......;_;