ok, so some more costume practices, and with the centaur I found out I really. really. could not draw horses.... so I lopped off the legs and hoped you guys could still guess what it was.  :)

 With the centaur  I wanted to do some practice showing corrupt and pure costume options.... and trying to tackle the male figure.... let me know what you guys think :)

.......oh yeah... and a crappy monster.. but I felt like I should throw up a painting with all the line work.



  1. I don't know if the corrupt/pure costume designs for the centaurs works for me. I assume that the lighter version should be pure, but I don't feel that there are enough design differences. What's working best is the lighter tone, the designs on the armor and those vertical armor pieces that kinda look like a skirt. That feels right. But covering up his eyes makes me as a viewer really distrusting of him. If eyes are windows to the soul, than we have to assume he ain't got one if he's got no windows. I hope that makes sense.
    I think the other centaur works pretty well, I especially like the simplicity but effectiveness of his headband thing. I think a little more chaos would help. Keep tearing his costume apart in places like you've got. You could even make his armor look more like a tainted twisted version of the pure armor. Try using more direct visual cues like that.

    They're both sweet designs, but I don't read them the way you want immediately. Hope this makes sense. Also--that monster is so mangy and ugly, it's really nice. That bald vulture kinda head is really...awkward, but I think in a good way. It's a interesting creature. Success I say!

  2. The Gals on top are nice, but not as successful as your first character line-art posted earlier. The really big armored girl in the top left in particular doesnt have a very believable weight to her, and she looks off balance, like a linebacker moving like a ballerina, it just reads as unnatural. The actual design of the armor is pretty interesting but its a good example of one unbelievable thing can disrupt the whole drawing.

    The Vulture/ skeksis guy is awesome! the only thing that i think is off is his legs. Having the type of legs that he has, they wouldnt line up like that, they would be splayed out to the sides a little, kind of a squat. That would also put it in a slight three quarter view, just like the upper body. I ll try to do a quick paintover to illustrate this a little better, as i feel im doing a shit job.

    Keep up the great work toots!