some moooore WIP's.

heres a couple of pieces from this week, the first is a piece I'm doing for someone's website.  Their a photographer and wanted a piece that would kinda hint at those old 1950's adds where the woman is in the kitchen all the time.  There's still some cleaning I want to do but let me know what you guys think :)  the second is just a piece where I was trying to paint a male for the first time in probably.... 4 months? He's still looking sooooo feminine so I think i'm going to focus on strictly painting men for a while :)

anyways, let me know what you guys are thinking and Happy (belated)  4th of July!!!!


  1. The illustration on top looks really nice. You totally nailed that style with the color palette and everything. The haircut makes it the most I think.

    As far as the bottom fellow goes, I think you've got some nice dynamic foreshortening and everything happening with the figure. It's really just the curvature of the face that's killing the masculinity, I think. Making edges of the face appear to be more of sharp angles and toning down the curvaceous lips I think will help solidify that. Now that I think of it, it may just be an issue of making the eyes smaller. That's the main thing that is bothering me as of right now. Looking good though!

  2. I agree on all points, the top is great. The bottom guy's face is just to feminine, men have angles! think about building in planes, not curves. The armor looks great though...