Here, a set of zombie-monster hookers, a barbarian (?), and some tries at fallen angel officers (I wanted to see if I could still portray angelic with out the wings) but they still need some work  :)

anyways, i'll put up some thesis  stuff this weekend, tell me what you guys think  :)


  1. The monstrous hookers are fun. As far as portraying the angelic thing like you mentioned, the top right one works best for me. I think because her garments are simpler, the hood definitely makes it, though. The only other indespensible attribute of an angel is it's halo, maybe you could work with that? Not a actual halo, but some visual representation of one? Circular shapes around the head?

  2. I think you might be well on your way to having a very solid costume design body of work to include on your future portfolio site. All of these look very cohesive, and very much "you" . I personally love the top left girl in the bottom image. Great shapes, playing together nicely.... I also think your thinking in the right direction with the wingy influences without the actual corny wings.

    keep this snowball rollin Ali, and im exited to see the things you have for your thesis.