new stuff for this week..

here's a couple more pieces, and i'll try and put some more stuff up later today. But with these I was just trying to get a grasp on using textures and letting them help enhance the clothing. also, im really trying to be bolder with light, can you guys tell or no? and do you guys have any practices or ideas that will really help me get a better understanding of how to use lighting in a dynamic way?  if you guys see anything else that really stands out let me know and i'll fix it.  :)


  1. These are definitely a new direction for you and refreshing to look at:) I think the upper two ladies are a little bit more successful as an entire image, but the armor and deep tones of the girl on the bottom are great. The background on that girl is a little distracting thought, too much detail and clutter to draw the eye away from the figure. A little work on these guys and they could be really great portfolio pieces...

  2. I'm with Fluke on every point pretty much. Having too much straight up chaos around your image might read as you being insecure at the quality of the design itself, which would be absurd in the case of these designs.
    You've got some really cool shapes in all of these, and I like how the top two feel so related but very distinctly different, nice repetitive shapes and all that.
    The bottom one kicks so much ass it's ridiculous though. And it looks like you've really been working on the face too. Flesh tones are getting better all the time. The deep brown pants are too cool. I think the gun is too neutral of a gray, compared to the rich coldness of her black shirt thing, it looks lifeless, plastic and fake. Just using subtle color like you did in the shirt is all you need to breath life into. Maybe just some greenish shadows on it so that you complete the RGB triad you've got going on so far.
    Beautiful work overall. Ridiculous.