Not dead yet (WIP GALORE)

Hey you guys! So its been awhile and since I can't post my freelance stuff yet, I'm going to look like a super slacker.  But please understand I am only slightly slacker-ish :)


  1. You liveee!

    No worries, excited to see your freelance stuff. I really like the knight woman with the blue hands, looks really awesome. Also the bottom mech thingy with the people living in it is sweet!

    Glad to see you post again, keep it up!

  2. Huzzzaaaaaah! A lot of winners here, I particularly love the chicken walker at the end, that thing is awesome. Just awesome.

    I'm really impressed with how much atmosphere your pressing out of the neutral palette you're using, it seems you've found something that's work with you.

    Out of everything on this page that, I am first and foremost sold by the self-portrait-ish piece and the walking machine, and it's because they have a palette that is extended beyond the warm yellows,red and browns. Don't get me wrong, those other pieces look great. Very much like Anders Zorn's work (The guy only used a four color palette in most of his work, titanium white, yellow ochre, burnt sienna/vermillion, and mars/ivory black--to be used as a blue).

    What I'm trying to say is that those others are mind blowingly good because you've added some really punchy colors that make everything more convincing. It feels like we're seeing things as they are rather than through a sepia-tone filter. You make good color choices--be confident and do more! :D

  3. Thank you Eric! I tell her all the time that she does have an instinct for color which I am very jealous of, and she making progress by leaps and bounds, but she never believes me.... ;_;