Some WIP work

Wanted to post as well to get this blog going again.



  1. Howdy! its been a while! These guys are great! Especially the one with the dirigible station, your really balancing that expanse of sky very well. I'm also impressed with how your exploring and using texture. keep up the kick assery!

  2. The last guy on the page I think is a really successful blend of your drawing and texture technique, even if it's very subtle, it works well.
    I really want to like the mech thing in the third image but it's a little too vague and unbalanced feeling for me to be able to get into it and understand how it works at a glance.

    The only other critique that I have is on your panoramic one with the dirigibles Alison was touching on. Great shapes, sweet concept, but the perspective of the horizon line breaks, where the two distinct sections of the city are receding to different horizons in the composition and really takes me out of it. I'm guessing that you're intending to get the right side to be a hill sloping up to the tower, but since you're manipulating photo, it's fighting against what you're trying to communicate.
    Let me know if that doesn't make sense at all. Also: Look for ways to obscure some of the city with things in the foreground, it can help make that sense of scape and grand space more convincing, add interest to the image, and save tooooons of time in painting buildings. Really smart composition can make the image better and save you time and effort for where it's important. :)

  3. Also everything is getting better. :D

  4. I agree that the dirigibles one is very interesting, but I really like the bridge one up top, I think thats because the composition is the strongest, and angles always make a composition mor dynamic. The mech guy with the rider is interesting but he needs a realistic center of gravity. the bigger/heavy something is, the more convincing the weight distribution and balance has to be. Right now he looks like hes going to fall forward because thats where all his wieght is and his legs are very close together, which doesn't convey weight.

    Your figures are nice, but have you tried sculpting them up using photo ref and textures like you do your environments? It seems like you have a very different approach to your figures and your environments, so dont be afraid to mash them up, something interesting could happen!