Come on guys! It's already April D:

I'm kind of scared by the passage of time this year. Here are a bunch of scans that are similar in theme along with some digital paintings. Right now in my personal work it's astronauts and b-movie monsters.
Critique it please!



  1. Saaweet new work!

    I like the sketches and how grounded the characters are. Awesome thumbnails as well.

    The space scenes are really cool, I almost want to see some textures thrown in or some more painting done to see what the final would look like.

    But anyway looking good, hopefully others post as well.

  2. look at it! look at that! JUST LOOK AT THE SOFT LIGHT ON SOME OF THOSE STALAGMITES... they are B E A-utiful. And the space suits look absolutely splendid. Keep it up!

    I can't really think of anything to critique on these guys but I can think of one thing that you might want to add to your portfolio. Actually, Casey and I are looking into making some as well, but a finished piece that not only shows a scene or vehicle but doing a break down of it, showing detailed shots of specialty pots and pans, pistons or poisonous/edible fruit for a forrest scene... this is a huge run on sentence but you get what I mean. just something to bring a little more life into a world your working with working in the details ..... but you might already have some of those. Either way go back to drinking your green tea and continue to kick some ass!

  3. also, the toddler monster's face folds look great!

  4. A good tip for making vehicles and setting scenes...use sketch-up, saves you hours of drawing. Just pop in the perspective and create the shapes for the vehicle and set the lighting. Then paint and texture.

  5. Thanks for the thoughts/tips, guys! Will do!

  6. Awesome work dude!

    like always, the colors look great and all they all work really well at the thumbnail scale, (which im finding more and more important as time goes by)

    Okay, are you ready for the 2 week old bologna of the compliment sandwich? Seeing some of your sketches posted along side your painting reminded me of something that would be cool to see in your full color paintings. I'm not sure if its just my natural inclination for finding the line weight in images or what-evs, or if its just that most of the stuff I see is still in that speed painting/wip/color keying zone, but everything looks so damn soft! My eye keeps trting to find some area to chew on and Its left hanging. This isnt something that I usually notice with your stuff, because It just comes off as a stylish choice, but seeing it beside your very brisque and splendid line-work makes me want both of those things, in a full color painting. Soft light plus hard defined object = sexy to me. I also might just be projecting my own insecurities on these as well, because basically everything I've just described is my personal snipe that im trying to hunt down, and the balance between soft and hard is super difficult...(heh)

    So I hope that wasnt too harsh, but Im trying to to turn a new leaf and start being more helpful/critiquey which i think is always more useful than too much sugar coating....

    aaaaaand the other slice of bread on this compliment sandwich would be that You are getting very efficient with your environments, seriously. They have a really confident and spot on quickness about them thats very appealing. Keep that shit up....

    1. The 2 week old bologna is the best part! I think you're definitely right. The painterly idea is something that comes more naturally to me, but there needs to be focal points, for sure. The only thing that I don't naturally do very well is include a lot of descriptive texture. I just don't like painting all of the scratches and chipped paint on a fender, but if I can suggest it through a color shift or some lighting, I'm more than happy to.
      Basically that's definitely something I need to work on and hopefully the next stuff I post will start merging together some of the definition that the pencil work has. :) Thanks for the crit, Fluke!