Not sure if we want to keep the 6 month gap between posts or not :)
Put in some work on this image over the weekend - think I'm going to call this one finished for now.


  1. nice! Loving the colors and action, really dynamic . Not much bad I can say :D

  2. That's awesome, the backlighting on the creature is my favorite par and the physicality of the crashing water is pretty magnificent. I'd say if I have any critique it's just that it seems like the focal point should be the giant freaking monster worm, but your composition and use of color says that the necklace is. Maybe dailing back the red some and even silhouetting it with some glints of muted color off of it's surface so that it doesn't draw so much away from everything else.

    Thank you for keeping this going, Dustin!

  3. This was loosely based on a scene from an R.A Salvatore book. I must admit his books are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I was reading "The Icewind Dale trilogy" when I made the initial sketch forever ago. Maybe "The Halfling's Gem", not sure but the ruby necklace was definitely the focal of the piece.

    All I remember during this scene was a massive worm bursts out of the water and is momentarily seduced by the characters magical necklace just long enough for him to escape unscathed. I was thinking it would be cool if during the viewing of such a chaotic illustration the viewer also cant focus on anything but the necklace...I know thats probably pretty dorky but it was fun to paint.

  4. oh and thank you both for the kind words :)