finals suck.


  1. These are great!

    How do I join this group?

  2. One thing I would say about your middle piece is that it seems a bit flat, your colorless version has more depth to it. When you add a color layer such as overlay, starting painting color throughout, the addition of overlay will give you starting colors but also kills your values.

  3. Really dig the designs in the top image. I love the looseness, feels like those brink concepts


  4. I agree with them giving off a brinkish feel, which is good. I have always felt like you leaned a lot toward that style of realistic rendering, mixed with exaggerated proportions like brink, or team fortress, or that recent LoL comic...

    I especially like the hoofed guy with the fire crown. Also it is nice to see you starting to let color start to slide in to your work slowly:)