sketchdump april 10th

blahagargle furdur...... more sketches. Tell me if you guys see anything you like in here, as i am a little in a loss as to what work i should be following up on. It seems like every time i make up my mind that i should do a polished figure study, I think no, i should do an enviro, then a creature and then i just end up sketching constantly on differing topics. So plenty of drawing is getting done, but its hard to focus on what to follow up on....or maybe i just dread it.....-_-


  1. hahaha, im liking all of these but I m really digging the little old man with that crazy wonderful mustache. I could just see him shuffling through a little town center, or a girls bathroom or ... just shuffling ... but not like that hip hop song.

  2. dude you have so many awesome little characters, i want to see them all fully rendered. I agree that old man would be a good one to start with..then do the rest lol. It is soooo hard to pick things to invest that precious time. Anymore anything non commission I need some outside motivator like online challenges crap to really push something to finish. Right now im doing the new d&d art test - working for them is like dream status lol anyways heres the link