para-millitary corporate policia! just working on overall tones on the top guy, aaaaaand just playin around with color schemes on the bottom...

bout 5 or 6 hrs all told, so nothing super special, but its work! making myself do something every single day to build up some new stuff to peddle at the spectrum thingy in may.


  1. AHHHH SO SMEXY!!!!! i love the colored ones! but that grey one just looks liek he's got some saggy tata's. :(

  2. these are pretty awesome, only critique is his arms feel a bit funky like his elbows are turned to far forward or something. Maybe its just his left arm you wouldn't see as much elbow pad ...i dunno anyways these are still awesome. I cant friggen wait for spectrum live - so bummed i missed the portfolio signups but maybe i can still shove my work in front of those AD's on the sly. Are you going all three days? I plan on bothering peeps every minute of that show lol.