eh?! color?!

what is this nonsense?! Me working from the get go in color? nay I say! it cant be true!
but it is. and im actually pretty happy with the results so far, i'll  go back though and finish detailing when I have time :)

lemme know what your thinking!

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  1. Heeeey.... I know this is honestly just a doodle, but i have to say. This is probably one of my favorite things ive ever seen from you! the contrast of your usual black/grey silhouette process with that lovely bright vibrant color is rockin my socks right now. I dont even really know why i like this so much, but I do.

    the only thing that i do see that im not crazy about is the shape of his lower legs in the silhouette in the bottom corner, its very similar to the shapes you draw a lot, and the overall shape of it doesnt imply "weight". the isnt a clear center of gravity, and when you doing what im assuming to be a very large character/creature like this, the weight and gravity is very important.... also, his feet look floppy. like he would have a flopping squishy noise when he would walk.

    I might do a paintover of this guy soon since i dont know if your planning on working with him anymore, just to throw a few ideas at you.......