New film idea

Hey guys I'm developing some stuff for a new short film.  I'm not sure if you guys have seen the game Journey, but I am looking for it to look sort of like that.  Anyway here are some things that I've been drawing for it. Most of them are concepts of the main character and the his home in the sky.


I'm working on modeling the his sky house, I'm thinking of making the round one with the fans on the top.



  1. NIce! and I agree with you, the round one with the fans is really interesting and it would be awesome if the home could follow the character around on his adventures. :D

  2. Whaaaaa, looks awesome. Love the simplicity of the character, just a little triangle with a head. Awesome.

    Do you think you'd go at this in 3D or 2D? I'm glad you mentioned Journey, because I think the 3D could work really beautifully with these simplistic characters. Another game that comes to mind that has a wonderful low-poly aesthetic is That Dragon, Cancer : http://thatdragoncancer.com/
    I really love how dramatic and kind of introspective the game feels just from the screenshots. Plus the beautiful ambient lighting and faceted characters are just really fun to look at. :D POST MORE! :D