Was just playing around the other night.


  1. I think Craig Mullins had a quote about always making time to experiment and just play around. You discover all sorts of new techniques and color opportunities. And there's alot of things working in this experiment, especially the color and texture on that back wall. Mi Gusta. However, as much as I like that back wall, I keep getting distracted by the clouds. Too much detail in the textured brush. But seeing as how this was a practice piece, I think the clouds are far outweighed by what ever you learned on that back wall. Keep it up and I can't wait to see what you crank out for your thesis portfolio.

  2. Yeeeeeaah, crazy cool. I really dig the emphasis on shape. Alison's right on the ball with the clouds. I couldn't agree more. The thing I would like to add is that I think why they are distracting is because they're too graphic and they're really pushing forward. Just as you're reinforcing the flatness of hte ground plane with the lines you're drawing across it's surface, your clouds should be doing the same thing, reinforcing the volume and perspective in the sky. Try overlapping them and having them get smaller as they recede. Also, make sure to keep the distances between them irregular, having them uniformly placed is just turning it into wallpaper instead of an expanse.

    Keep rocking! We gotta try to have a paint jam still! :D This weekend?

  3. Alright cool, thanks guys. Yeah I agree a painting jam would be cool soon, sorry I've been not around on the blog very much recently, RA stuff has been in full swing. But school starts Monday!