Howdy you guys!
Hope your all well and I am so happy to see all the kick assery thats going on in this blog!   Heres some of the stuff I've been up to  this past month I'd love to hear what you guys think!


  1. WHOA! AWESOME. Some phenomenal work! Your colors keep getting more lovely every time you post!

    It's interesting, but the addition of weapons is one of the things that's really adding the richness that makes this into something really unique that moves away from the science fiction/fantasy stuff I expect. Especially in the top right image, the pistol in the center figure's cloak seems like it has a lot of history to it, almost moreso than the character that it belongs to. Maybe look into some of the history of costumes of the same time period as the weapons you're looking at and see if their are some shapes you can steal!

    The main thing I see to critique is that the fisher folk feel like they could use a little bit more coloration to their skin to take them away from just being blue people. Maybe there are some fishy equivalents of freckles or suntans, or even patterning that would make them feel more organic.

    I'm really excited by all the character designs over all, they have a lot of diversity and punch to them! And the suggestion of a pet from that culture is a really nice touch.

    I really like the shapes you are playing with in the weapons, especially with the holsters and wrappings, but there's a problem that for me in the presentation that keeps pulling me back out of enjoying them, which is that their is no indication of scale. It's most problematic in the pistols(?) in the bottom row. I'm also not sure how big a hand would have to be to hold them, it seems like the handles are too far away from the triggers in some places.
    I think as a viewer I rely I on familiar sizes of objects to appreciate weapons, mostly, seeing the grip which I know is the size of my hand, with an attached trigger, when those indicators start to seem inconsistent, suddenly I'm not sure if they're huge or tiny.

    As for the environment, I think it's lacking some extreme foreground that could give some good scale. That said, you're doing some fun stuff with the mixed media and a solid composition, it's just a little left-side heavy right now.

    This is all really stunning new work and I'm so glad to see you posting! I hope that my thoughts can be helpful.

  2. Awesome pieces, I really like the market scene, gets the idea across very well. I agree on colors, getting better, lord knows I struggle with them.

    The environment piece as Eric mentioned could use some more foreground elements and a little more depth to really give that structure weight. Also maybe a little more clarity on what it is...

    Overall cool stuff, thanks for sharing!