couple new things

Proof that im still working! :P
Here are a couple things that i've squeezed out during the last month, between frantically trying to run faster on life's little money treadmill, and tying to keep a social life so I dont go crazy! 

I guess both of these guys were style exercises, one dark, and one more animated and light. I have recently been enamored with the awesome work of Corey Loftis, so if you've never seen his work you should check it out....


Its making me fall back in love with that very graphic animated style, that you dont really see in video game stuff anymore. He is responsible for the look and feel of the upcoming wildstar game, which looks super refreshing and fun to boot....so yeah. 

Anybody else been lusting after a specific artist/style lately?


  1. Your love of cory loftis spread over into my work area. I can see his influence in my coloring and line weight now. :)

  2. Those are some wonderful silhouettes you have on the characters, they'd be really fun to sculpt, and probably to texture too. :D Great expressive profiles, too. I can see why you like Cory Loftis, I hadn't been familiar with his work before, but I'm glad I am now! It's nice to see that it isn't get in the way of your own voice though.
    I'm lusting over the bold and creative character design work going on at Valve on Dota 2. I've been looking into their processes a lot professionally for insights into modelling, texturing and the like, but they are beautifully designed and incredibly unique, every one.