It's been a while, so I'll stick this up.  About 30 min or so tonight during RA rounds.

I might go more into it...


  1. This has some great texture shining through with the photo elements, especially the sky. I might suggest though when painting over photo elements like this, that you might want to try color grabbing the darkest tones out of the photo itself, or just avoiding the jet black drawing layer, it kind of makes the overlaying drawing stand out too much from the texture underneath. Maybe try slanting the overall composition too to make it a little more disheveled looking, instead of the flat horizontal line of the building...

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  3. Very successful and imposing structure. Fluke's right on with his comments, of course.
    One thing I would suggest is also giving the viewer a place to go, no matter how simplistic. It looks like there's a great opportunity for some light coming through the arched passage way between the dome and the rest of the building.

  4. This is very nice for only 30 min.
    I agree with fluke the black line is distracting me but then again its a very quick render. Its got the tone and mood coming through though, and Dan Milligan has said that is one of the most important things you need to depict in a piece. So all in all good job and keep it up!

    Edit: Also, I forgot to mention this earlier when you said you were looking into production art. The biggest lesson I've learned out here is that lighting will tell your story for you. I agree with Sketch, adding focus for the viewer makes it a stronger piece PLUS you can use it to give this piece some narrative. :)