Street Slugger

I had a little free time this morning, so I figured I should post something. Im not really sure how I feel about them, and they are the only thing finished enough to post I think. I have been jumping around a starting all kinds of things and drawing like crazy in my sketchbook, but nothing is catching my attention for all that long. I think I might need to slow myself down, or set up a schedule of having a specific time of the week where I sit down and complete something, even if its crap, just to form the habit....


  1. I love this one, its weird seeing the color saturation differ on this screen, but I think the piece still looks great :)

  2. I like this guy, only thing I can pick at, the face needs more character.

  3. I can relate, I'm definitely feeling a little stale as well. This looks great, though, Fluke. it's really solid and has a nice distribution of visual information. I think that the bag and the rope going across his body are nice ideas and could be experimented with more. You know, like how could you create more interesting shapes within the figure with those lines?