so... who's ready for fall? and all its delicious, delicious food

alright, so heres some stuff from this past week, hope all is going well for you guys. Also here is something beautiful. here 
Its a collection of keyframes from some pretty kickass movies. I found it through, a guy from the on campus concept art club and he got it from Anthony Jones (who is wonderful).

On that note, I'm setting a goal for myself this next week, I'm going to dissect and learn all I can from some of these stills about composition and how to portray mood in a scene.  Then I'm going to try my own hand at setting up a keyframe. Anyway, enjoy the link and I'll catch you guys next week.  :)


  1. Awesome link thank you!

    I like how your characters on each sheet have personality and I can really see that they could work in a world. Something I'm struggling on at the moment.

    And Something to fix would be the body form on the girl..legs are kinda weird for me, and just clean up what she is wearing a bit.

    Overall great work and I look forward to next week's results.

  2. your welcome for the link, I just thought it held some very inspiring shots!

    Your comment made my day! I've been conscientiously working very hard on making them convey a little more personality or life.
    I can see what you mean about the legs I'll see if I can tweak them some more. and the cape thing, it does indeed need some work. Thanks for the critique, how's the concept class going?

  3. I really like the attention paid to her weapon thing but it's a little hard to understand all it's dimensions, like how thick it is. The line drawing with the flat color is reeaaally nice and effective. I think it communicates a lot. It might not be a bad approach to use that approach to try a lot of different designs before committing to one to paint!
    Nice work!