shot practice

shot practice... 'shooting' if you will.

I thought this joke was hilarious since my goal this week was to break apart and try my hand at composing a shot. but I ran it by casey and he seems to find it a little less than hilarious. anyway, Im pretty pleased with this.

I keep running into a problem though, I want to add more details to the woman's face (right, center) but then all the focus shifts to her... matter of fact, can you guys tell me if the hooded character and boy are even coming across as the focus? (yes the hooded character is supposed to be huge.)

this guy isn't quite done, but given the time I had to work with it I was pretty happy.
lemme know what you guys think.
thanks amigos


  1. I would say don't even flesh out her face, just insinuate a human face, but thats all we need to know..the focus is the boy and big guy. Also play with lighting, darken up the foreground a bit, giving it also a kind of mysterious market feel to it, almost sinister. And add some interesting detail spots to your main focus, they don't need to be completely fleshed out, but enough so that we go right to them.

  2. I would like to add to Dgordon's comment. As it is now, the lady looks like she's looking right at the viewer. Anything looking right at you will draw your attention. If you could shift her face so that she looks to the right side of the image, like her attention is engaged with something over there instead of us, that'll help lessen the focus-pull to her. Also, what I'm seeing, her flesh tones really stand out and agains the whole picture. She's lighter and brighter than anything else. And the two that you want as the focus are fading into the background. I'd suggest upping the contrast on your desired focus, get some darker darks and lighter lights on the boy and the guy, and at the same time knock down the brightness on the lady. That'd be my go of it.

  3. These comments are good ones. Just keep in mind what your focus is and make everything else in service to it! The thing that I see is that there's a general sense of brown permeating the image, which makes it feel unified, but you can liven it up and extend the space some. Consider throwing some streaks/pools of light across the ground beyond the crowd in the foreground, it could draw more of the focus to your real subject, the two figures in the back, as well as create more depth in the image overall.
    Lookin' good!