some stuff

its been I while, I wanted to show you guys im not dead :)

 and a vehicle study.


  1. Hey how's it going?

    I like your character designs, and the character heads on the second to last sheet.

    One thing I'm going to say is that a lot of these seem to flatten out. I'm having the exact same problems and I'm trying to clean up my images and define what it is I'm drawing. Pressure sensitivity really fucks with your drawing if not used well...I'm not sure if you are using it, but I think you need to define edges and clothing ect a bit more, they seem to just smudge around.

    I hope that is some ok advice...I'm in the same boat though...struggling one day at a time. Also it helps to start at a lower opacity with sketches ect...and then build up, even when using pen pressure.

    How's LA?

    1. eh, LA is alright, there's just so so sooo many people running around, and its always running, every one is in a rush to be some where. Thanks for the design compliment, your stuff in your most recent post is kicking ass! and yeah, trying to figure out light and color is my foremost goal right now. Thank you for the 'building up' tip, I actually tend to work in reverse from a black shape out to the lightest detail, but I think I'll try this method of yours. Also, I think I have it on pen sensitivity, but I'm just needing more practice with the dang thing.

  2. I really like the shapes that you're putting into the armor, it feels very organic...insect-like almost.
    The problem I'm seeing, which Donal has addressed, is with flatness and it has to do with your technique in creating these--you're kind of carving the form out of the white space but these objects don't have any depth because they are only effected by one light source which is right above our heads. The result is that every form has a highlight in the upper middle of it and then gradually darkens toward the edges where it is black. This is essentially what a camera flash does to form.
    Try breaking away from this by putting your light source off to one side and putting in a less strong secondary light source that can light the edges of the form, or better yet, the side we can't even see.
    When the edges of these objects/figures hold the darkest value they flatten out because there is no suggestion that they in any way recede into space.

    That said, I really like the direction you've been pushing, it seems really exciting and fresh. My favorite piece is the floaty armor one. Though the thing that breaks it for me is the suggestion of boobs(?) underneath the armor? I think that the flesh tone really sticks out too much and draws me out of looking at the concept as a whole, I think it'd be stronger without it because it takes me away from the interesting shapes of the design.

    1. I keep forgetting lighting when i'm setting up a piece, and it would add so much more to the finished product, I'll try to keep it in mind and maybe go back and doctor these guys up some. And yes, I will get rid of the boobs. I was actually trying to decide if I should keep them when I first finished the piece. Also, you should know those mud box renders are b-e-a-uuuuutiful!