Hello all!  Been a while.

Our new game design teacher is having us do concepts for our game art class.  So I'm having to bite the bullet and start doing some stuff.

Also I'm trying to start painting with straight up color, no b&w, any suggestions on practice.  I've started bringing my tablet outside to paint the landscape.


  1. Donal, we should get together and have a more hands on critique, I'd like your feedback on my work too. What are you doing on Saturday?

    For the time being I can say your value range is looking really good! As for practicing with direct color, painting from photos of the landscape is what worked best for me when I couldn't do still lifes or paint from life.
    Everyone is going to learn differently, try a bunch of stuff and keep doing what you feel like you learn the most from.
    Make sure you are intentional in your studies though, color picking will teach you nothing, really stare at things and try to figure out what is happening with the color. See how colors subtly shift warmer and cooler and how that effects their spacial relationships.
    I'll give you a better crit soon! Let me know about Saturday though!

  2. love these! (as eric stated the value range is really good) and that guys skin is looking mighty fine, I'm definitely going to go and experiment some more with low opacity.
    keep it up, cant wait to see what you throw up here next