re-imagined magic cards for fun/fantasy illo portfolio


  1. gosh man, these look very professional already, I think you need to stretch your freelancing muscles and start making money off of these!

    the only real critique I can think of is to spend a little bit more time on the initial sketch stage and really nail proportion and stance and all that. Your style is very old school magic card/cartooney style, and that has a lot of appeal, but its not really "in vogue" in the mainstream right now.

    So my suggestion would be to try starting off with really detailed and worked through figure drawing using reference, etc. for you characters, and then start the painting process once you get that nailed. Because you have that rendering style knocked out of the park.

    keep us posted on all the new ones that pop up!

    1. I'm interested in how you mentioned what is "in vogue" right now, it seems like only photorealism is actually what is mainstream, and while I'm sure that it will always be a part of the mainstream, I don't think it'll hold quite so much as a stake as it has more recently. I guess that's a round about way of saying, thanks for setting an example Dustin! We should all be striving to develop what feels most like our voice.

    2. Use your strengths and get down a style that you are good with, then practice. As long as you can get an idea or story across and it looks professional, you are good.

      These do look really good, I like the bottom one the best, could easily see these on cards or as illustrations for a story.