Im not dead yet!

So too feel guilty about not posting here, i've been super busy making things for my internship( which i cant show) and finding a place to live, and working at petsmart and not getting killed on the freeways out here. I have been making things, but nothing that ive been too proud of or have spent too much time on.
It occurred to me that i needed to take my own advice, and start posting things precisely because im not happy with them, so here you go! a bunch of old crap, new crap, and in between crap, to prove to myself that im not a lazy shit!

Also, I have found a real job! not the most exciting work, but it should pay pretty well. I should be starting sometime next week, if all goes well.

This one below is the pencil brush I had posted about a few days ago, eth, i dig it a lot...

Should be more to come soon! ive just now started to feel like myself again out here, and not so artistically drained, so the work should be flowing like the spice...


  1. I told you before and I'll say it again, that skull dog is so creepy with the textures added to it. a good kinda creepy :) also, I think some of the cleaner pieces like the second one might make a really good addition to your portfolio, the costumes are incredibly easy to read :)

    keep it up fluke! :D

  2. Flowing like the spice!
    I really like the designs in the second image. You have great line quality going on there and I commend you for that.
    I've noticed you've been making a lot of the same kind of design choices with these characters though. Not that they are bad choices, and it makes sense if they're supposed to be analagous, but the helmet design is one we've seen you do for a while now:example
    Other particular design elements like the draping loin cloth is a reoccurring one. Now I would take this with a grain of salt because those design choices are tools to create certain effects and a visual sense of weight in the character and that's fine, but having that "go-to design choice" is something we all have to be wary of. I think the result of this is that every character in this post looks to me as though they would move the same way and weight the same amount. I'd like to see you push the variety of weight and balance of your characters. TF2 is an amazing example of this variety.
    If you guys can think of things to add to this, I'd be interested in hearing your viewpoints, sice it's relevant to all of us.

    I think the dog thing is super creepy and effective! Looks like it's got a burlap sack for skin...super great. I think the texture is a really nice addition in terms of what it communicates, though it flattens out the form a bit. Maybe you could tweak the brush so it's less strictly horizontal?

    Congrats on the new job! Can't wait to see/hear more from you! Please post again soon!