heres another batch

such great and inspiring posts you guys! everything looks so good! XD
heres some stuff i've been doing the past couple of weeks, its not much but its something :)
heres a piece i've been toying with, i've titled it 'wonderlands bastards' and im hoping the characters are apparent.  but I was going for a small unit of gun men patrolling the urban streets in a sort of space age, grunge, post apocolyptic feel.  Does that come across at all? also, I think I'm going to lop off that caterpillar, she looks like she doesn't belong in there at all, and I need to figure out a jabberwocky and a mad hatter.
But the biggest success with this piece was exploring shapes instead of just the line art.  It really helped me come up with the costumes and took less than half the time to get the characters somewhat rendered out! SCORE! :D
-anyway, let me know if anything stands out to you guys and heres the lineup....
1 caterpillar ,2 white rabbit, 3 dee, 4 alice, 5 dum, 6 chesire cat, 7 queen of hearts
-took around 13 hours

 a speed painting-3 hrs...........thats such a long time... :(
i'll keep practicing with speed painting.

 also, eric I did what you said to try and added a flag to break up the symetry and actually DID add a diagnol line of shadow... but it looks non-exsistant in these :/
i'll go and make it bolder.
                     also, what do you guys think? mask or no mask?


  1. The Wonderland Bastards are a fun bunch! I particularly like how you're using kind of iconic subtle cues to tell us things about the characters. The character that's hardest to catch is wearing the most athletic clothing, and the cheshire cat has bits of shamanistic, medicine man apparel. I love being able to describe the role and personality of character when looking at a design. They all look very devious as well. The red queen has a really refreshing look, I think, and a lot of it is her face! Be careful with the machine gun leg though, after Tarantino that might just end up being cliche. You'll have to work with it a bit I feel to make it not seem too directly linked.
    I agree with you on the caterpillar being the weakest link. It seems the most structure-less and so I don't really believe it. I don't know how true this is, but my impression is that the caterpillar character rarely moves, so she can have a costume that makes her mostly immobile which could be fun. All in all, a good looking bunch! Nice!

    The dress designs are looking really awesome. Nothing to say there! Just goodness.

    I think the mask is better, but mostly just because when its just the face I start to realize that it's very small and squished down. If it's supposed to be tilted downward than find some reference for a foreshortened face!
    I see what you mean about the diagonal and you're really just in a tricky place. you have a lot of texture built up I think you need to subdue it so it doesn't flatten out your image in places. I think the main issue is that the wall just doesn't feel solid or continuous.

  2. I love the Wonderland bastards concept! I think Sketcheth hits the nail firmly on the head multiple times, so i'll lay off the critique for these guys, cause im lazy.

    keep it up babe!