scribblins from this week

I guess this is what I've got from this week. I don't feel like it was very successful in these...maybe just with the dragon. I was just trying to experiment with different techniques I guess. Like giving myself a palette of skin tones to keep color dropping from as a way of stream lining my process when it comes to painting flesh. I think it helped make things go faster just having a some basic tones. Unfortunately it didn't help me finish it. It's only fanart anywho.

I slipped in a couple of questions here in this post that I'd like to hear your guys' thoughts on now that we've all been working on our own things for some time.This is me tying to play with more of the color/multiply/overlay layers in painter. I started with grayscale and then just slapped down the color in a few minutes before going back to painting on top. The color/colorize layer seems like the way to go because it doesn't make dark tones get ultra saturated and near black, it softens them so you stay away from pure blacks.
Do you guys have thoughts about your experiences in using different layers? What works best and the like?
Grayscale man. Nothing else to say about him really, I've made a lot of brushes recently that more and more mimic strokes of bristle brushes, just because I like the way they can be sharp and hard and also soften already existing strokes.

Have any of you tried using brushes that mimic real ones? I could share some jpegs I made my brushes from if you'd like so you can try it.
It could be nice to have a little bit of discussion on recent brush making escapades, if you guys have had any.



  1. The flesh tone palette seems like a pretty good idea, I used to have a specific psd that I kept a bunch of flesh tones, and other color combo ideas for later reference, but I cant seem to locate it. I'll break this down into three parts of my initial reaction to these guys....

    The lady up top seems to have great weight to her, and the skin looks great, but her costume seems a little boring. Maybe thats just part of the character you doing fan art of though, I dont Know. What is she from? In any sense, a pretty good little painting to add to a library of work of actual not too exaggerated "human" characters.

    The dragon piece looks fucking great. seriously. colorize you say? I will definitely be checking that out because im having the exact same problem with the way I do it in PS. overlay layers always ultra saturate my dark tones and a lot of fiddling is necessary to make them look good. This is one of my favorite pieces that ive seen of yours though, I think it has great drama, action, colors, everything. No real criticism here, just kep it up:)

    the grayscale is cool, Looks a lot like Zam Wessel, the assassin from attack of the clones. seems like a good brush for hammering out tones though, and very economic as far as getting a lot of information out of few brush strokes. I think personally im still trying to find out "how" i paint, so i dont think i could contribute much to the making of brushes, ive only fiddled around with it a little. Josh herron gave me a tutorial to make a pretty kick ass pencil brush, that ive been using for a few weeks though. ill point it out when i post something that ive used it in soon.

    Keep up the pace!

  2. I pretty much agree with fluke on all of dis.

    i have nooo idea how to make a decent brush :/ how do i do that? i'll check the web and see if i can find out but yes, I'd like to experiment with real bristle-like brushes. I will also share with you this weird 'pastel of miracles' brush casey gave me if you want.

    I'm really digging that grayscale man's attire, the helmet/neck brace thing is pretty darn cool.

    And as for the color and layers piece, super nice , im very envious of those rock formations. The only knowledge I have on layers right now is to keep those fuckers organized, and im saying that because the past couple of paintings ive put up are 50 layers deep. so honestly, I don't think i have anything new I can show you guys that you dont already know and practice :( .

    that woman..... her skin looks fantastic... faaantastic 'o_o'