So for a while now I've not been wanting to post because I felt like all my stuff was crap, when I really should have been posting because I felt that way. Whatever the case-- this is what I started on tonight. I'm going to share some more stuff later, I think. Thanks Alison for making me feel completely inferior, I needed that. :D

I wish I could show some of the stuff from the internship but I'm not really allowed to. :\


  1. I think this guy implies a lot of humor and story, which is great, especially for concept artists. I dont know why, but i read that rocket doofus in the back as a dog. which makes it funnier, but makes no sense why I would think that...so disregard. /:[

  2. yeeeaaah.....I don't work, or have a cool internship sooooo I don't think I should make you feel inferior. I just have a surplus amount of time to slap stuff up on here. This looks great by the way. :) I hope with time, practice and some sort of pixie dust, I could get as good as you are about using blocked in color to show forms.

    There's one thing though, her skin might look a little too warm and reflective for the sunlight that seems to be coming through the clouds. At the same time thats one of the things that draws my eye to her and makes her stand out more, so actually .. I kinda like it. Also, I really like her expression. :B

    Now that i'm looking at it again, what would happen if you changed the position and angle of some of the clouds? it might make the smoke trail stand out a little more. Either way, damn good piece sketcheth :)