some stuff for thesis

It has been a gloriously long time since I posted anything up on here.  and all I have to show so far are some poopy pieces that are geared towards my thesis, but here are the ideas for the main girl character, i'll throw up the guy in a little bit.  Its not much but dag-nabbit its something for right now :)

-I am really in love with the little red heads on the bottom row and will more than likely continue down that direction.


  1. I like what you have so far, the girl seems like she would fit into that environment. I think what will help her fit more is how you choose your color palette, like if you took the colors of the girl in the bottom right and then brightened them up a lot I think she would fit just perfectly. I can't wait to see more.

    You should post your storyboard up, I'm sure you've heard it before, but it's better if you get all of your preproduction done and out of the way before school starts.

  2. Yeah! i agree with getting your storyboard up, (wip) as soon as possible. remember trust the process and just start making it, and the juices will start flowing. these look great!

  3. I concur with the previous two thoughts, for sure. On a technical level, you should try horizontally flipping some of these as you do them because nearly all of the characters in the first image are leaning to the left! It's just something to keep in mind and I'm pretty sure it's just because we have to draw with one hand or the other.

    I think one thing that would be helpful for us as critique-ers is if you could tell us a little about this character. More of just her role you know? If she's the protagonist, what does the antagonist look like and how do they differ? How are they alike and how are the different? Also -- I keep wondering why she has big hands, I'm sure it could just be an aesthetic choice, but how could you make it more? How can powerful hands relate to this character?

    All that said~ rock on. These are lovely. I'm really attracted to the sepia-toned one (second from left on bottom row of second image). The monochromatic nature is kinda alluring. The one on the bottom far right looks more real and physical though, just because of the value range she has.