Rain garden update

Well I didn't get a chance to work on some of the things that you guys said about the piece before, but I just finished the rest of the piece. I will definitely see to some of those things, I'm not to sure about the cloud thing though, I'm just not sure if that would fit with the style of everything else if it squashed and stretched. But what if it was just there behind the text?

Anyway here's the rest of the video:

After this week, all of my posts will look a lot more like what I've been doing before this. So I think I should probably follow Eric and Casey and tell you what I want to work on. I think I was following this course the entire time I was animating, but I just realized that I would like to become a character animator or at least get really good at it. So I've been trying to focus on my acting and posing in my animation, you can see most of it in Robo-san. But like I said before I will have other animation that will try to reflect that, so any advice is great.



  1. I think it's wrapped up pretty well! It's good to see it in a finished state because now I know we'll get to see more of your character work. Post again soon so we can have something to critique, even if it's really just in it's roughest stage. Don't wait. Animate. You can spare an hour here or there to put something together.

  2. Agreed, posting early on in your process, and receiving feedback will save you time in the long run making adjustments. trust the process and just start animating! its the only real way to do it.

  3. muy bueno! :)
    And I cant wait to see the character stuff!!