after catching up on this thread..

hmmm, I would think my biggest flaws would be composition and color.... well... not the biggest... but they are the ones that need to be addressed as soon as possible.  OH! and my senior thesis crap that i'll be wanting you guys to look at. I'll be plastering stuff up here over the summer and bugging you all for critiques (prepare yourselves) so let the learning begin and let flow the sagely advice! :D

starting off, here is a guy I have fallen in love with ...well his back grounds anyways.  His name is manuel tanon-tchi and here is his lovely blog-

- the type of look im shooting for...

This is ALL Manuel Tanon-tchi, and in NO way, shape or form mine.


  1. I think this guy is a great reference for you, he has that hybrid style that ive been talking to you about, kind of an extremely exaggerated realism. You are a lot closer to this level than you think, and i think you should really keep striving in this direction.

  2. These are super cool, never seen his work before! If you want to work toward this, try grayscale landscape stuff. I think Casey's right on, this would really work with the character development stuff you've been showing.
    I think they look realistic because they are really well grounded in value. They've got a great range so they feel like real spaces, but the color and forms go crazy. Doing real landscape studies from photos in black and white could be helpful in trying to figure out how to work that atmospheric perspective to get a good balance of lights and darks. I can't wait to see more of your thesis work!