Some revisions

Thought id post some revisions to theses two characters i had first posted on my blog. they were both reeeealy boring so i sat on them for a while, forgot about them, then made these revisions a few days ago. also, an attempt at fixing some of the problems of the first environmental piece i put up here.
This guy is supposed to have prosthetic arms attached to his armor chest/back piece, to pull of a total general grievous. I think I am starting to find a little balance on details with a little "muddyness"
I have no idea what this chick is supposed to be, she started off as a silhouette doodle, and then evolved into this thing, but i kinda like it.
I did a few alterations with this guy, played with the saturation, levels, and atmospheric shit like you suggested eric, and then changed the ship around and added a tube proboscis thing so he might be refueling? mabye?, idk, i tried playing around with a platform there, but to make it big enough for the ship to land on, it created a really perpendicular right angled composition that i just wasnt digging.

also, i am going to try and put up some environment thumbnails up here in the next few days, cause work has slowed down a little, and ill have a little extra free time this week.

California is pretty sweet. dont believe anybody when they say its "hot" out here, cause it aint got shit on the midwest.

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  1. okay, so there's something bothering me about the landing dock piece... i cant quite put my finger on it yet...

    but that blue chick... she rocks my world... I was doing a paint over to see what some highlights and detailing would bring out and I have to say, up close that suit is pretty great. i learned quite a bit about how to work in shadows and define bulges from that piece. i'll go ahead and try to post up what did with some of the highlights :)