062011_the weekly

I've been lucky enough to be really busy this week working on a bunch of stuff that I can't really show. Some of the products of that however was me learning how to make building brushes. I think over the next couple of weeks you see me start pushing toward working in PS more. I really want to try using it for digital painting more. Especially speedpainting...it's got a lot of nice tools. Anyways, I found some pictures of interesting repetitive buildings and just doctored them up a bit to make brushes like these and they work extremely well.

On a side note I have this sketch of a really sad guy... I guess I wanted to try extreme emotion and I'm considering having characters like this in an ongoing graphic novel project this next year at school. Some kinda thesis thing I guess. We shall see!



  1. nice city brushes, that just convinced me to try it in some of my back ground paintings for thesis.. hmmm.... I like the the crying man, but mostly because he looks cartoony since his mouth is so dramatically pulled down. It makes it seem somewhat comical?maybe? I think a graphic novel is an awesome idea for a thesis and you would probably have a heck of a lot of fun with it.

    .......actually, that reminds me, If you dont mind telling me again, who is that painting teacher who specializes with teaching narrative? I forgot her name and I'd love to take a class with her ... :(

  2. I guess you could call it specializing, that's Julie Farstad, in any event. The building brushes can help LOADS, I'm telling ya.