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Here yah go eric, I really couldnt find anything to change outside of what everyone said already in the comments and actually, I think I screwed up the pipeline piece now that I'm looking at the original again.  but, I felt that maybe the tunnel opening shouldn't be in the dead center and so moved it over a little, and with the others some foreground objects seemed to make them a little more three dimensional....maybe? they honestly are very strong on their own and so I was  having a really tough time to find anything that could be fixed.  so hopefully, this helps in any way :)

also here is one of the speed paintings you put up earlier, its a very good piece and it carries alot of story potential with it. I simply tweaked the levels a little to give it what I thought might be a more dynamic feel...  although you might not like how dark it is because it changes the mood a little and loses some of those awesome details...


  1. I think its amazing how nice those enviro thumbnails look with just a simple greyscale thrown over them. I think im going to have to do a sheet of those, just to practice with depth and space. the placement of the characters does add a little life to them as well. especially the third down on the right.

  2. They really are a lot of fun. Thanks so much for doing this, Casey! There's a lot of valuable things here that I'll try to keep in mind next time around. I noticed that what you've done with my little speed painting with the giant robot thing is just extended the value range to where it probably should be. I'm going to make an effort to try to do the same in pieces.