Right now I am working on figure drawing and my original senior thesis. So far as these drawings go they are for the most part drawing from reference. Right now with figure drawing I am just trying to get better at it so any critique as far as proportion and space with the figure goes is appreciated. This is the main character I am going to model fully soon. Right now I have an old model I made and will be doing some test animations with it. I also am modeling rigging a low detail mech so that I can animate and work on the finished models at the same time, to keep practice up. I need to make orthographics of both characters which I will try to have done for this weekend. Any suggestions of figure drawing or good exercises to get better at it would be appreciated, I will have a solid thing for you to critique on character design next week.


  1. I don't see any really proportion based problem since you seem to be used to drawing from observation be it from life or from references. Keep trying out the ballpoint pen or micron -- force yourself to keep pushing for long flowing lines. A brush pen would be a good way to practice that as well, plus line variation.
    Looking forward to the character design stuff!

  2. first off, Im really digging the design of that hemet, seriously. secondly, i agree with eric, the proportions look good from my stand point and the poses look very natural. I'm excited to see what your going to do with these. .... especially that robot, are the legs completed or are you adding some form of foot? because I actually think their pretty awesome as is :D

  3. lookin good man, i agree about the line weight. You have to decide which lines are the most important, and accentuate them, and leave the others more faint, that also creates a sense of depth, of a three dimensional object, and not a flat image.

    And im looking forward to the character stuff too man, keep it up!