050611_strugging with environments

So I'm back in St. Louis and am struggling to get my act together. But I pulled this stuff out for today. Some good, some bad. All speedies. Next week I'll be much less apologetic.
Basically I'm still trying to screw around with the same concepts. I think I'm just not spending enough time with any one of these pieces and that's the problem. We'll see where next week brings me.This one is a speedie/photo study that I embellished to help the space work a little bit better. I need to find a quick way to paint lots of windows really fast. That'd be really helpful for some of these environments. I think I might start taking on the EOW challenges on CA, or at least using them for source material.Do we want to try to do some sort of topic based challenges for the week amongst ourselves though? I know we kind of vaguely discussed doing something like that, it might be good to do. Then we can all post wip's and get feedback as we work. Thoughts?

Also: CHECK THIS OUT. Kansas City just got more awesomer.


  1. What kind of challenge? It seems to me that we are all kind of all over the place in order to come up with a single topic? I'm not against the idea I just don't know how we would do it.

  2. Awesome work, like last time I think they read great as thumbnails, but like you said they just need a little more time invested in them. I personally would suggest just finding the focus point and having one specific area be detailed and in focus, I think thats a really good way of balancing between having a lot of information in the piece, and still having lots of quick energy, and that "speedie" look to it, to only put detail where it is needed. That in itself sums up my problems with environments as well, its a very fine balancing act between too much and too litttle. I think I sway towards the too much, and these guys above me sway towards too little. but anyways, the light in the bottom guy looks very natural, and thats more than half of getting an image right.

    also, the spectrum thing, i will try my hardest to be there. that sounds amazing. thats in pretty much a year, so i will either be living there again, or be in a better financial situation out here.... so yeah we should all plan on crashing that place hardcore.

  3. @Stephen: Totally understand where you are with that, it'd have to be carefully done I guess. Maybe it could just be really broad, like we just name a character and people can do whatever they want in relation to that? So like I could paint the environment the character lives in, Fluke could do character concepts, you could be using some generic rig but try to make it behave as you see that character behaving? The character is more of a theme that we'd orbit around.

    Fluke:Awesome. Thanks so much for that crit. I think you're right, I haven't spent nearly enough time on these to tackle major problems I'd face if I did, and it shows. I'll try to push into something that's a little more long-term then.