At long last! I have dependable internet, so the posts will flow, like a river of awesome-sauce cascading down the venerable slopes of mount Radical. Just like that, except more like mediocre-sauce, or just plain bland-sauce. like seriously, i need help.

As per Eric's request of coming out with our weak points from the get-go, I am going to focus on environments too. because I......suck......at environments.

so, anywhoose, here is a commemorative doodle to inaugurate myself to posting on CC, along with an environment in progress, so tell me whatcha think!
I guess this guy is supposed to be a vapor stack, pumping out greenhouse gases with water vapor during the early stages of terraforming a planet. The ship is dropping off supplies, i suppose...
....and this guy is a very special chimera! and confused.


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  1. Glad to see a post from ya! The first thing I'd say about this is if you want to strengthen your enviros just throw a little perspective into them. We can't really have a good sense of scale without it.
    I also say this because I like the design of these things and I want to see them pushed more into three dimensions.
    The atmospheric perspective looks really nice except for with the tower on the far right, it's darker in value than the one which I can only assume is closer because it's bigger.
    The only other thing I'd say about this piece is a design issue, why is the loading platform not bigger? If that aircraft is intended to just hover, maybe it would be visually interesting and more practical to show some sort of apparatus that helps hold the ship steady or anchor it down to the tower somehow.

    P.S. The ship design looks killer and that Chimera looks like it's having a really bad day. Which is awesome. The big leathery wing has just enough warmth in it to really sell me on believing it's that texture, so way to go on that.
    Can't wait to see more!