Concept work

So I'm kinda on the fence about all this work but maybe it will help land another concept position. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I worked on so many random projects but I gathered a few with the "best" work.



  1. Sweet! Thanks for sharing the new stuff!
    My immediate thoughts:
    I really love the layout and the fact that you don't have to scroll to see anything and that there's nothing more than one click deep. So kudos on that. I'm a little bit of a type nazi, so I think using the Alien font is a little distracting because the 'i' is so recognizable, but I'm sure you could find another tall and skinny free font.

    The work all seems really solid and the work from the "Another Crush Game" (lol) seems like it could lead to some 2D artist work in addition to the concept stuff, which is just another avenue for you.

    I have such a hard time organizing my website, it looks like you did a really good job of making it navigable the work seems solid. If I was going to give you a critique on anything it might just have to be on the work at large.
    I really love how your work has developed over the past year or so, the color and the brushwork are really confident and a joy to look at. I do think that partially because of consistently using the same brushes, a lot of the materials and surfaces in your concepts end up looking very similar or generic, though. By that I mean, you have a tendency to render rock the same way as opposed to having a variety of surfaces that look like granite, sandstone, etc.. The same could be said for clothing, a lot of times it looks like everything is made from the same kind of material so leather is rendered like cloth and such.
    This is a really broad critique, I know, but I really admire the way your work has developed and I wanted to throw you something to chew on as you're making new stuff. I bring this up especially because it's a problem in my own work, and the solution for me has been to do studies of particular kinds of materials and look at how light interacts with them. To study what surfaces are more specular and such.
    Anyways, keep kickin' ass.

  2. Awesome crit! You are hitting on the same stuff that came up from my portfolio reviews at Spectrum. I tend to find a piece of rendering technique that clicks and then I do it to death - def something that needs attention for sure and I will be chewing on that with my next paintings/studies.

    Also thank you on the font catch I had no idea why that "I" was standing out to me so much....so dumb because I love all those movies. Thanks again for all the kind words and advice man.