A couple weeks ago the company I was doing concept work for just let the all the 2d and 3d people go. I guess they are outsourcing all the work to China now. YAY for mobile games.

So within the last couple weeks I put some new work together for that Spectrum show. I got some good feedback and possible work coming down the line. Hopefully lol.

Dan Dos Santos on muddy colors put together a quick clean portfolio blogger so I snagged taht set up. I need to get some more work on it but its a good representation of my stuff.


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  1. Dustin, sorry to hear about the job stuff. Yeah. Mobile games. Oi.
    I really dig the new work you have on your site, your use of color seems really confident and bold. Best of luck on your hunt for work!
    If you haven't listened to it before--I recommend you check out Chris Oatley's Artcast, he recently just had an episode about finding work as a freelance concept artist, so you might find some goodies there:

    I've heard from another friend of mine that went that it was a good show, I haven't been since the first one but I'm glad to hear some good things came of it for you! The new piece looks reeeaal nice by the way. I love the backlighting lines you're putting around the figure. It adds a really fun, graphic quality.