Its been awhile and I can't really show any of the work I have been doing. But here are some photo/Sargent studies/doodles.



  1. Sawweet stuff, really enjoying the colors and dynamic brush work. Also really crisp on a few of them, pops them nicely.

  2. Should have commented waaaaay sooner. Love seeing your mark-making sooo front and center in those Sargent studies. That last study is suuuper gorgeous. I'm totally sold on the vibrancy of those flesh tones . You tread a really nice line between naturalism and graphic color blocking. Solid work!

  3. Thanks a lot guys. Doing photo/master studies has really pushed my stuff like crazy far and I really need to keep doing them. I also think doing something similar from your imagination after is also important. I still feel like I have fish for hands when painting from memory.