Sketch today

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  1. You're rocking it with that sky, man! I love how it just bows out to meet the picture plane at the top and really stretches out that expanse! Fantastic. I personally feel like it's a major victory, being able to manipulate your compositions in simple but super effective ways like that.

    I like how simple the composition is overall too. Of course, as you figure out one aspect of things, other problems start showing up. The bottle tower is handled really well and I think the silhouette is working well in it's placement too. What you have to be wary of is putting strong horizontals so close to the edge of the picture plane that they create a uniform channel that will draw the eye away from the subject and instead to an empty space on the right side of that bottle. All you really need is to break it up with diagonals, foreground or background elements, etc.

    Take this Jaime Jones image for example. His vertical element is a little bit closer to center frame than yours and things are compositionally different, yes. But imagine if you would, what it would look like without those distant irregular rock structures or the shifting colors and rainbow in that area. If it was any more neutral there would be a perfect square shape that would just drag your eye away from the focal point just because large, graphic shapes come forward in compositions and fight illusions of depth.

    Fun stuff! Great work, man, I think this shows a lot of confidence.