Donal, I like your Western stuff

Donal, your wild westy stuff has gotten me inspired. Also there's a CGHub challenge I think I might participate in if I can get organized enough. Here are my color comps/sketches for a Robbers' Roost.
I tried to keep them at 15 minutes a piece, but the middle one ran about 30.
I was trying to work less with descriptive color and just draw with colors a bit more.
Hope everyone's doing well these days!


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  1. So damn cool for only 15 min each. I should really start doing this.

    I guess I am on a semi western kick lately..been really into trains especially since I was out in Montana back in August. I just recently switched up my thesis a bit, so I should have more work coming.

    The middle one is really nice, i'd be cool to see how much you can push that. Anyway I need to get back to some pesky papers that are taking away my time to draw...grrr