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Last one is WIP.


  1. Awesome work I can definitely tell you are improving like crazy. I would suggest really trying to push the atmosphere and depth a little more. Overlapping elements in the Foreground, middle ground, background - high contrast pushing things forward - low contrast the further you go back. I think focusing on that alone will boost your stuff quite a bit - really digging that first one. I know these are probably just environment speed paint type things but I really think it helps if you pick a focal point and push the detail in that area. Like for me that first image is really cool but I want to see the detail in the helicopter (the most interesting element besides the architecture) but all i get is a vague shape yet the street is super detailed. Stuffs looking awesome though keep posting!

  2. Dustin's spot on with the crit--keep pushing those distinct fore/middle/back ground areas as far as you can, almost until it seems like they're separate objects, it's easy to bring them back afterward.

    I'm really loving the way you're using the collage on the foliage, it's making for some really interesting areas, very beautiful stuff. You should definitely consider spending some more time with Sparth's work, he uses some collage and seems to work in a generally "mixed media" kind of way. I think you might get a lot out of doing a study of one of his pieces because of the way he controls detail/noise, and has such a strong sense of depth and atmosphere.

    The one thing that I will say that might be harsh is don't bother with the red/blue 3D glasses thing. It's a fad, and when something is a fad, nobody really "owns" it. It doesn't make your work better or more your own, it just makes it more like everyone else's. I think in some cases it really makes sense to play with that aesthetic, but mostly it's just going to be a little flourish that in two years we'll look back and say "Oh remember when?" I tend to have a lower tolerance for things that look trendy than most, but as an aside, compositionally it doesn't really help the work because since I'm not drawing 3D glasses, all it makes me do is stare at the things that would be 3D if I were.
    That means that I'm staring at--in this case-- a clump of grass and a fast-moving, blurry helicopter. Which are not your areas of focus. In a composition, it's anything with contrast that demands the viewer's attention. Most of your painting will set up a rhythm, and there is going to be something that defies it. A contrasting color, shape, direction, light, dark, mark making, etc. So make sure that you're drawing focus where you want it.

    In conclusion: Great work. Keep going!

  3. Great pieces!

    This jungle shot is really working for me and lends itself to the collage style really well, but I dont think it works as well when you try to build solid three dimensional shapes like the vehicle. It might be just a little too ephemeral and my eye isnt accepting it as a an object because I am still seeing the borders of the elements that make it up.

    Maybe just ovelapping more and more collage elements in to make a clearly defined shape, or more painting over the elements....

  4. Ok, yeah I'm liking this direction, I'll keep going.

    Thanks guys!