Alrighty, So I know its been forever since I posted anything, but I have been the busiest I've have probably been since arriving out here with small freelance stuff, Which hasn't been paying great, but its is paying! Its just not the funnest kind of thing to work on and it fucking draaaaaaaiiinns the shit out me as far as artistic juices go. After sitting behind my laptop painting battle monsters for a few hrs everyday the last thing I want to do is stay at my computer and do personal work....

But! I did manage to redo this guy below into a workable final state. I just nixed all the background elements after seeing everybody critique and decided it was better to just focus on the creature design element of it without a distracting background set peices. I have also come to a little bit of a conclusion that I dont really like too much color, and im going to step away from it for awhile and stick with mostly Greyscale. I been terribly unhappy about the way my color stuff looks recently so i think I just need to step away from it a bit and come at it from a different angle. I also think that Im giong to follow this guy up with a few drawing detailing the harness and mount setup, for an all around design, not just one illustration. 

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  1. That looks painful, but I really like the texture of the skin that's coming in on the arm on the right as well as the face. You might try to neutralize the color a little bit further in the background just so that he really stands out even more!