mudbox tests

Hey guys, don't know how much you all know about 3D modelling, but would you be willing to critique my mudbox model? It took me around 2 hours and I have to say, I'm muuuuch more comfortable in mudbox than zbrush or maya or anything else I've tried. It makes a lot of sense to the painterly mindset I'm coming from. Thanks!


  1. This is making me want to dive into mudbox, I messed around with it a bit during Rob's class first semester. But I haven't touched it since, great first go at it, really cool, putting me to shame lol.
    I know I posted this under your facebook post, but email Rob, see what he says.

  2. Also stick some pore textures on him..really make him seem lifelike.

  3. ooh, cool, looking good buddy. Im not really sure how to critique this as i have no experience with mudbox or anything 3d, but i agree with Donal on the textures part. And there are a shit ton of tutorials on 3d sculpting that im sure you could find online.